2019, Parcul Gheorghe Doja, Timișoara
Collaborator: Branislav Nikolić (Belgrad, Serbia)
Curator: Aura Bălănescu
Description: Anamorphic sculpture
Dimensions: 1600 x 250 cm
European Echoes CONSULART ROMANIA – SERBIA is a project organized by the Diplomatic Art Association within the Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture program

The TRANSBORDER project presents the collaborative experiences of the artists Miki Velciov (Timișoara) and Branislav Nikolić (Belgrade) as a personal expression, or of the communities they come from, but also as a creative problematization of history starting from the specificity of the Gheorghe Doja Park located near the Serbian consulate. Although separated by a physical border, the two Romanian and Serbian communities have shared historical events, such as the multi-ethnic Peasant Revolt led by Gheorghe Doja (1514), which led, through a joint effort at the European level, to moving away from a dark environment in favor of the formation of modern society (The Copernican Revolution (1543). In the same way, the proposed work, through a participatory character addressed to the public, reiterates the idea of overflowing the outdated fragmentary worlds, expressed through the privileged point of view as a singular totalitarian perception (the representation the torture chair that led to the martyrdom of Gheorghe Doja), in order to create the foundation of a globalizing reality of multiple points of view that abolish any border, a fact already proven by the European value of the Timisoara cultural heritage in which the work will be inserted.

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