2022, Dajdovnitza, Bulgaria
Landscape intervention
Dimensions: 48,11 x 6,90 x 3,00 m
Photo credit: Miki Velciov

Water is one of the most precious natural resources because it represents a favourable environment for the development of life. However, water, even though it has essential properties for sustaining life, has a particular fragility in that it can assimilate other substances, becoming easily contaminated, and its very important properties becoming harmful. The beginnings of large-scale water pollution coincide with the great industrialization, which contributed to the generation of a major imbalance of the water cycle in nature, a fact that gradually led to the diminution of its capacity to sustain life through changes in the landscape, through the appearance of desertified areas and through – an increasingly acute water crisis. That is why the Rainfall project wants to contribute to the awareness of the problems of this natural resource and to its protection by identifying viable long-term solutions.

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