Art installation

2015, Memorial of Revolution Timișoara, Romania
Exhibition: Becoming Connected, Art Encounters Biennale
Curators: Natalie Hoyos and Raynald Schumacher

Installation (mirrors, laptop, 160 x 160 cm, privileged viewpoint 10 m)

The latin term Oculus, meaning the eye and invariably one subhuman eye, opposed to binocular perception and victim of the limited view of depth, speaks about those in control of absolute power. The work refers to a mechanical understanding of its own illusory perfection, a perceived reflection of a harmonious system from a singular point of view. Similarly to totalitarian regimes vision, this perception of delusional perfection, seen and accessible only to those found in the right spot, to the privileged that is unaware in its ignorance of other points of view, is dependent of the one position that offers its symmetrical harmony. This position, the perfect location to observe the symmetry of the system, the colourful reflections, argues that those found in absolute control, the dictator and his henchmen are incapable of abandoning the only location their practice appears flawless.

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