Inner Sound

Art installation and performance (tree trunk cut
in multiple pieces of variable sizes,
digital animation 3’, live sound)

2015, Exhibition: Beyond the Silence, Avantpost project, Museum of Banat, Timișoara
Curator: Maria Orosan Telea

The close relationship between the visual and the auditory starts from the Duchampian idea that in every object is hidden a unique sonic imprint, generated by its inner life. The sound can be revealed by a destruction of the object, or in this case, by a layer-by-layer deconstruction of the woody trunk. Thus, by the multiple sectioning of the object, the traces left by the parasites into the woody matter are brought to light, which, subsequently, through graphic transposition, have become the frames of an animated matrix of the entire sound path. Therefore, in order to identify the inner sound, it was necessary a visualization of the route by fragmenting it into successive graphic sequences, as well as a sonification performed by the musical performer, by transposing the visual matrix into a soundtrack.

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