2021, Stațiunea Tinerilor Naturaliști, Timișoara
Landscape intervention (wood, metal, canvas)
48,16 x 7,50 x 0,90 m

The work proposed by Miki Velciov is part of last years artist’s preocupations. He uses the natural landscape as an environment to create large interventions, carried out on surfaces of tens or even hundreds of meters. Manipulating visual perception through optical corrections is one of the surprising effects it pursues. The anamorphic image is composed on the viewer’s retina from a single point of view, the “privileged point”.
The work Hybrid refers to the process by which traditional agriculture, based on indigenous varieties has been replaced by industrial cultivation, hyper-mechanized and automated. Here is questioned the imbalance between the seed productivity of hybrids in the first year of cultivation and their gradual decrease in efficiency.

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