Bromus Tectorum

2021, Gabrovtsi, Duppini Art Group, ART-NATURE Symposium
Landscape intervention
Technical description: wood, bitumen, acrylic,
Dimensions: 35.95m. x 2.39m. x 3.0 m.

Bromus Tectorum proposes the experimentation of the anamorphic perspective by placing the viewer in a privileged point of view in which the composition is revealed horizontally as it is constructed, but also vertically, through a disposition that creates the illusion of equality of the pieces, although it does not exist. Apart from the privileged point, the viewer witnesses the change in the ratio between the dimensions of the pieces and the change in the distances between them. In this way, a transition is made from the static and balanced image that man is accustomed to perceive in relation to his own reality and the diversity that is offered to him when he migrates, “conquering” new territories. Hence, the symbolic use of the seed of the wild plant Bromus Tectorum from the Graminee family, which since the beginning of southeastern Europe can be found today in many parts of the world. It grows in disturbed areas and is extremely competitive.
Assistants: Kalin Mihov, Yoan Mihov, NikolaMihov

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