Breath In, Breath Out

Art installation

2017 – Multimedia Exhibition Universallowed, Avantpost project, Fabrica de Baterii, Timișoara
Curator: Maria Orosan Telea
Installation (tubular plastic foil, rubble, compressed air system), variable dimension

The artwork brings into discussion the incontrollable phenomenon through which our planet’s resources are being turned into industrial products. In the symbolism of platonic bodies, the tetrahedron signifies fire. Transposed into present times, this symbol can reflect the process through which synthetic matter receives a form and utility. The hourglass shape of the artwork as a whole raises awareness to the fact that it is only a matter of time until the industrial product becomes inversely proportional to the wastes that come out of the process of making it. Plastic, the material used for building this work, is considered to be the raw matter indispensable for any field of activity. However, it has a negative side, namely the long period that needs to pass before it disintegrates: between 100 and 1000 years. Despite being aware of the direction of this process which leads to mountains of refuse that change the natural landscape at a global scale, people do not let go of their personal comfort and keep fuelling this phenomenon. The artificial breathing in the artwork draws attention to the fact that this industry has almost got to the point where it has its own life.

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