2022, Dealul Cerului, Caraș Severin, Fundația Archaeus
Land Art
Dimensions: 85,0 × 53,0 m
Collaborator: Eliza Yokina
Assistents: Mina Soare, Alex Naghiu
Photo credit: Laurian Ghinițoiu

The work Balance was inspired by the abandoned orchards in the Dalboșeț area, which ended up losing their regular arrangement through the randomness imposed by nature, finally integrating into the landscape. In this context, the work defines a new geometry through a series of circles of different sizes placed at regular distances and intervals, which highlights the differences between them. The work thus refers to the discrepancies of contemporary society, which, by exacerbating individual thinking, contributes more and more to the generation of an imbalance between man and nature. On the other hand, nature, by its holistic character, always manages to maintain a balance between good and evil, the effect of one action by another action. But lately, this balance has become more and more fragile and tends towards a break that can trigger irreversible changes.

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